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National Cycle Street Shield 7/8 & 1" U-Clamp


National Cycle Street Shield 7/8 & 1" U-Clamp

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The National Cycle Street Shield™ features a solid 4-point mount that attaches to the handlebars with our patented U-Clamps and Eyebolt system, and to the upper fork tubes with hose clamps. Both 7/8” (22mm) and 1.00” (25mm) handlebar clamp sets are included in each hardware kit. The fit and finish of the street shield are an exceptional value for riders of many types of motorcycles. It’s a great choice for riders who need more wind protection than the Deflector Screen offers. Injection-molded polycarbonate with our exclusive Quantum® hard coating ensures that this tough scratch-resistant windshield will last a long, long time. Features: 

Quantum Hard coated
 Universal Fit
 Fits 7/8” and 1” Handlebars
 17” high x 16” wide
 Available in Clear

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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